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Haunted Littlebrook Road

October 31st 6pm-9:30pm


We're pet friendly! Bring your festive dog, sheep, goat, skunk, frog - just about anything as long as they have a little bit of domestication. Be prepared to pose (picture opportunity) with your animal and yes, we'll be ready with pet friendly treats.

What's New For 2016?

  • The claustrophobia hallway
  • Doors throughout the maze
  • Instant prizes at the front door for selling us on your costume
  • More video interviews
  • Remote contributors - via our new Nest outdoor cameras
  • Stay and scare opportunities
  • Bike donations

Hunting For Volunteers

If you want to help, call in advance and let us know how you'd like to help out, will have you swing by for a chat and figure out how we can work you in


About Bikes

Over the last year, we've been working with the Zumo hardware folks in Norristown to gather up bicycles for kids with near perfect attendance at the Gotwald school in Norristown PA.

Check out our website below

Zumo Bikes

How You Can Help

  • Donate a bike you're no longer using to our Zumo bike program.
  • If you have bike helmets or a few donation bucks, great!

How to Donate

  • Between now and Halloween, feel free to drop it off at 425 Littlebrook
  • At Halloween night roll it down the driveway.
  • After Halloween, call us, we'll be glad to pick it up!

Questions? Contact Steve


425 Littlebrook Road, Berwyn, 19312

Videos From Halloween Past

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